Old maple grove church

Preservation Project

Old Maple Grove Church in 2008

Old Maple Grove Church in 2008

Preserving A Historic Landmark

Would you be willing to help restore this beautiful old country church?

In September of 2006, the Old Maple Grove Church, built in 1901 and formerly located at 18551 L Drive South, Marshall, Michigan, was dismantled, relocated to the Calhoun County Fairgrounds and reassembled. After its restoration, the church will once again be used to serve the community’s faith and will be made available to the public for religious services and social events such as: weddings, reunions, and club meetings. 

The Old Maple Grove Church Preservation Committee is offering the community a unique opportunity to contribute to this historic mission. Your generous tax-deductible donation will ensure that the Old Maple Grove Church will continue to serve the Calhoun County community by providing its youth a valuable learning experience about rural spiritual life.

If you are interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause, please click here.  Thank you!

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